Considering various coils mentioned above ZN414 performed fairly
well on SW. I could  regularly tune VOTurkey on the 41Meter Band
and at night  others were tuned both on 49 and 41Meter Bands.
However during daytime both with the 7 and 5 turn coil no other
broadcast could be tuned. Shortly in spite of AGC adjustment in
most cases performance was not very promising during daytime.
Reception of SW was only possible during the night time on both
the 49 and 41Meter bands.

Then a MK484 was tested instead. During daytime, I could tune
several broadcasts such as BBC, China, Moscow, Teheran, Balkan
Countries Radio Vatican and additionally some Arabic Broadcasts.
VOTurkey and several others of unidentified languages. The MK484
performed much better on higher frequencies compared to ZN414.

The third alternative was a TA7642 , which also performed well .
The performance on higher frequencies was better than ZN414
and almost similar to MK484.The AGC level related with TA7642
was much different and the Potentiometer had to be readjusted
for an efficient  result.

Finally a YS414 was tested and performed similar  to ZN414 .
To conclude ZN414 and YS414 performed till the 41 meter band,
whereas both MK484 and TA7642 went as far down as the 25Meter
Band performing much better during daytime, compared to former
two .You may however get identical results both with the former IC’s
Depending upon the distance and signal strength of the transmission
and individual parameters of the IC’s You own.There is no need to
remind about the time difference between Your Hometown and the
broadcast.I have to draw your attention to the fact that even at home
the quality of reception differs from one room to the other.

Components :

The reconstructed receiver is exactly the same as far as the
components are concerned except the 2K, VR1 was replaced with
a 2.2K one with an On/Off switch .
This was done rather forced as inspite of the efforts I spent, I was not successfull in finding a (B is the code )2K Pot with switch.
The panel of my Project Box is rather narrow for all the parts plus the telescopic aerial added to the body of the project box.
A Vernier or slow motion drive is definitely needed for efficient tuning
on SW. The former on/off switch I used now acts as the wavechange
switch as I am only using a 5 Turns single coil for SW.
My Future Plan is to use a tapped coil to cover the low frequency SW
The Project Box used with this version is slightly larger than the former
one, sufficient for the receiver as some components like battery ,coil,
ferrite rod,VR1,telescopic aerial should not be too close to each other .
You have to be careful to avoid hand effects by touching or holding any
metal object in the circuit such as the antenna, the V/C etc.

Before I finalize I want to remind You about the performance
of the receiver, which is not as good as a superhet however with the
broadcasts received You will be satisfied that You have achieved a
“Mission Impossible”

Volume Control
The modified circuit is on the the next page.For the sake of simplicity it is
introduced again .The text reflects  full  information about the components
and coil details.
Knob with pointer
Project Box
Volume Control
470 Ohm Resistor